BADYOSHI doesn’t give a fuck. Formed in 2016, the Seattle hip-hop trio is known for its explosive live performances and irresistible studio recordings, having shared stages with luminaries such as Joey Bada$$, Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane while building a galaxy of their own within the rapidly-expanding Seattle hip-hop universe. By fusing their names and their cosmic energies together, Yodi Mac, B.A Scribemecca & Wffls form a Voltron-esque whole greater than sum of its parts - an unholy trinity delivering hazy, rapid-fire rhymes over hard-hitting beats. Translating into “Bad Good Luck” or “Bad Righteous,” BADYOSHI gives voice to the paradoxical blend of hope and despair that defines the modern human experience in a seemingly pre-apocalyptic era. BADYOSHI is an intergalactic musical entity, an idea, and a lifestyle all in one. Stream/download BADYOSHI's self-titled, debut EP on all music platforms.






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